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Drone Video Production

Producing creative footage for niche businesses. Video production is in high demand because of social distancing. 

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels take your customers down a rabbit hole of fantastic offers! 

 Customer Texting

Yep, you can text all of them or one at a time. Awesome feature! More people pick up their phone to view a text rather than taking the time to open an email! Think about it.

Lead Capture Forms

Never lose another lead, EVER!


We'll hook you up so you never loose another email.

Video Wrappers

You've seen them on Linked-in and YouTube. Call to action icons embedded right into the video like magic! Our favorite.

Webinar Site

Let us create your own Webinar site! So cool!

Audio Voice Overs

Complete Professionsl Voice Over Audio Provided With Any Project! 

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Tired of paying companies an arm and a leg to do all of your internet marketing? Facebook, Instagram, What's app, TikTok, Linkden? Well there is a solution. You can DIY everything. Soime would prefer to let us do everthing for them, but for some very creative types, perhaps a hands on approach is better. Creating an elearning center, a blog, a webinar, a website? Easy Peasy. Read the report. It's Free! Out of work? this will get you back in the game!

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Scott Woodside Productions was created out of love. We help businesses solve problems with easy and cost effective solutions. We also provide professional sales consultation for companies who struggle trying to get their sales team up and running successfully.

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